Heart of Texas National Showcase

If a player participated in 2019 events, athletes should RENEW their previously created BBCS account and NOT create a new account. This is done by logging in to their existing account and updating the information on their profile rather than selecting Register as a New User button.

All players participating in NCAA-certified events must create an athlete account.

The Eligibility Center link CLICK HERE each athlete must have an account before renewing or registering in the Basketball Certification System. They only need the free account to particpate in NCAA-certified events.

A complete player profile is required BEFORE the athlete can be placed on a coaches bench or a team's roster for a NCAA certified event.

To be eligible for NCAA certified events, each athlete MUST:

    1. Register as a new user in the BBCS
    2. Confirm your registration by clicking the registration link in auto-generated email
    3. Watch the educational video. No more sitting through the same video at every event.
    4. Enter school and team information
    5. Accept/Reject invitations from team coach(es)

To create your profile CLICK HERE

This must be done in order to participate in any NCAA Sanctioned event (including this tournament). All players MUST have this done before the tournament deadline.

The NCAA basketball certification see registration process step by step CLICK HERE