DC Summer Send Off

All teams participating at an NCAA certified event must register online prior to reporting to participate in the event. All coaches must have a USAB Gold license to complete the registration process.

    1. The new BBCS uses a "bench" concept, which enables the coach to have a pool of available athetles and assistant coaches.
    2. The coach cannot search for and invite an assistant coach to their "bench" until that assistant coach has their (1) USAB Gold license, (2) created a user account in the BBCS, and (3) been verified by the NCAA.
    3. The coach cannot search for and invite themselves to their own "bench". The coach is automatically added to the "bench".
    4. The coach cannot search for and invite an athlete to their "bench" until that athlete has (1) created their account in the BBCS, (2) viewed the educational video, and (3)completed their school information on their profile.
    5. The coach cannot search for and invite an athlete whose address is not consistent with the NCAA residency requirements. Athletes from a non-adjoining state or from a different country cannot be added to the "bench". Coaches will be required to provide documentation in advance if the athlete's residency/demographic information is flagged as questionable.
    6. The coach can create multiple rosters for an event. Once the coach opts into an NCAA-certified event, the team name, team address and roster can be added based on the athletes and coaches on the "bench". If the coach has more than one team going to that event, they can opt in for a second time and enter their next team's information.

NCAA Team Registration BBCS - CLICK HERE

For more information CLICK HERE to download a PDF from the NCAA

To see the full version of the NCAA's ECAG user manual CLICK HERE

For additional information please contact:

Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG)

Phone: 844-562-6201