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09/12/2017 12:35

College Coaches

The Shining Stars event in Duncanville is an extension of the Future Stars Showcase. All roster information for both events is included in one packet. Books can be picked up at either location. Again you only need to purchase one packet for admission to both events.

Premier Basketball is a basketball tournament, scouting, and recruiting service that helps connect youth boys and girls basketball players with college scouts from around the country. Our primary goal is to market players to colleges to help them achieve their dream of playing basketball at the collegiate level. Three branches exist within the Premier Basketball umbrella: Premier Basketball Tournaments, Premier Basketball Report, and Premier Basketball Media.

Premier Basketball Tournaments has been running NCAA certified and non-certified events for the past 17 years and is recognized as one of the most influential event operators in the country. Over 2,500 teams and more than 1,000 colleges attended Premier Basketball events in 2014. We are nationally known as the most organized tournaments in the country. College coaches choose to attend Premier Basketball events because they are “structured,“ “they run on time,“ “schedules never change,“ “the college book information is accurate,“ and “the facilities are the best in the country.“

Premier Basketball Report is the premier scouting report for boys' and girls' high school basketball, and is recognized as one of the most dependable national scouting services in the country. In 2014, Premier Basketball Report extended its service into the international market. We have combined our basketball scouting expertise with a state-of-the-art web site to provide college scouts with the best boys' and girls' basketball scouting information anywhere.

Premier Basketball Media was established in the spring of 2013, and includes PBMtv, PBM Radio, and PBM Insider. PBMtv and PBM Radio are Premier Basketball Media's latest additions to our media family. PBMtv gives Premier Basketball Media the ability to broadcast games, camps, shows, and interviews. PBM Radio provides on-demand interviews, in person and over the phone. PBM Insider delivers current news articles on players, high schools, select basketball, and all other boys' and girls' basketball news from around the globe.