The Heart of Texas Showcase

April 21-23, 2023

This is a stay to play event.  Out of town teams must book with one of our hotels.

Games begin at 10am Friday, April 21st.  All teams will play on Friday.


All team coaches AND players must check in before their first game.

Click here for check in information

Click here for college coach registration

College Check-in:

PSA McKinney:




AT&T Stadium:

Friday starting at 8am

Division I 1st coach:  $675 includes book and weekend pass

Division I additional coach:  $325/coach includes book and weekend pass

Division II and below:  $150 includes one book and 3 weekend passes

Division I Day Pass:  $200 includes day pass only

Division II and below Day Pass:  $75 includes day pass only



  • All athletes participating in NCAA-certified non-scholastic events MUST have an active account in the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS) – Basketball certification.
  • Athletes will use previous log-in accounts that were created and ARE NOT to create a new account. Only athletes that have not previously registered in the BBCS should create a new account.
  • A step-by-step guide can be found here Create a BBCS account.


  • Prior to coaching in any NCAA certified event, ALL coaches are required to register as a USAB Gold Licensed coach. That link can be found here. USAB Gold License coach registration.
  • After obtaining a USAB Gold License, a coach must then log into the BBCS to activate their account at BBCS account activation.
  • Only NEW coaches should create a new account. Previous coaches that have used the BBCS in the past should use their same log-in credentials.
  • For a more detailed guide, please click the following link. Detailed guide to coach registration.

For any further questions, please contact the Premier Basketball Tournaments staff or visit the NCAA certification page. NCAA certification page.

Game Rules


– All Games Will be Played National High School Federation Rules.
– Halftime is 4 minutes long
– Warm-ups are 5 minutes long (minimum)
– Each team is given 3 (45 second) timeouts per game.
– No carryover in overtime.
– Each team is allowed 1 timeout per overtime session.
– 10 second backcourt rule will be used.
– 5 second closely guarded rule will be in effect.
– Overtime will last 2 minutes
– On foul shots players allowed in the lane upon release.
– Bonus will begin on the 8th foul: 1 and 1
– Double Bonus will begin at 11 Fouls: 2 shots
– Personal fouls: 6 per player.

Game Lengths:
2030-2027 14 Minute Halves
2026-2024 16 Minute Halves
Clock Stops on all normal whistles

2 Team Tie Breaker

  1. Head-to-Head
  2. Point Differential
  3. Total Points Against
  4. Total Points Scored
  5. System Generated Coin Toss

3-way tiebreaker to determine top seed.

  1. Point Differential (Maximum of 15 per game)
  2. Total Points Against
  3. Total Points Scored
  4. System Generated Coin Toss

After the top team is determined 2nd and 3rd will be determined by following the 2 Team Tie Breaker Rules above.

Mercy Rule in the last 8 minutes of the 2nd half only, Clock becomes continuous if the one team is ahead by 20 or more points. If the score goes below 20 points, the clock stops again on all whistles

The Home Team (White/Light color uniform) will be listed 1st/Top of the Schedule or Bracket

The Away Team (Black/Dark color uniform) will be listed 2nd/Bottom of the Schedule or Bracket

A Coach must sit after his 1st technical Foul.


The court referee/officials have final say in all player fouls and or misconduct. Once a
personal, intentional or technical foul is issued any further player misconduct could lead to
an ejection and continued physical altercations after the whistle can be viewed as fighting.
If the first action is deemed excessively violent any parties involved may be suspended.
Fighting will be defined as any deliberate action taken by an individual to cause physical
harm to another player, spectator, coach or official.

If a referee witness player(s) engaging in a fight, an immediate ejection can/will follow. An
ejection carries a penalty of suspension for the players/parents/coaches involved for the
remainder of the tournament. The suspended parties then cannot participate in any more
games for the remainder of the weekend as a player, coach or spectator. With regards to the
suspended individuals if a second instance of player misconduct follows anywhere inside
an event facility, the tournament director has the authority to eject the whole team.


Location TBA

Tournament Rules
  • The tournament director has the right to forfeit a game if a team does not have its starting five ready to play at the scheduled tip off time.
  • Premier Basketball has the right to approve a team and or a player to play down in a division. You must request approval from the tournament director 5 days prior to the tournament beginning via email. Our goal is to provide competitive games.
  • Player’s age is based on Grade Only. All coaches MUST be able to have access to a player’s report card on hand at each tournament in case of a protest. If you cannot provide a report card with the player’s name, with a date on the report card to prove that it is a current report card, then the player must sit out until proof is given.

  • A player can only play with ONE TEAM in all Premier Basketball Tournaments. Failing to comply with this rule will result in game forfeiture.
  • A fee of $100.00 cash (refunded if protest is upheld) must accompany all protests. Protests must come from the Head Coach listed on the official roster for the event. Protest on eligibility must be made before the game begins. Protest cannot be made on a player’s eligibility during a game or after a game is completed.